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The reality is that today, with this challenging economy and more intense competition than ever before, creative leaders must be focused on managing, inspiring, and organizing creative staff in ways that creativity and innovation can flourish. It’s about environment. It’s about nurturing. Leaders must create the environment for people to go out there and dream and be creative.


If you find yourself wishing you had more time to discover the latest creativity practices and processes working in the market today or the habits of top creative leaders that has made them successful, then The Creative Leader Program has been specifically designed for you.


For busy senior executives, high potentials, managers and team leaders, Nelson has developed this program to provide targeted resources that can be used by you and your team to increase your results one step at a time. These resources are delivered at regular intervals so that you are not overwhelmed and can focus on improving one part of your process at a time. This creative leadership expertise covers the range of steps to implement to nurture a highly creative culture that produces creative excellence on an ongoing basis.


Specific topics are delivered in a variety of forms that fit how busy senior executives work today, including:



Monthly Creative Leader Webinars: Each month, Nelson will review a specific creativity or creative leadership topic in depth, exploring the key concepts and practices. A key part of these events is the opportunity to interact with Nelson to get insights particular to your specific situation.


Weekly Action Plans: The key to improving results is to always be looking for new strategies and tactics that will help jumpstart you and your team’s creativity. To make that easier, every week you will receive a specific rule for inspiring, encouraging, teaching, supporting, and organizing you and your team – that you can put into practice immediately This regular weekly deliverable helps you and your team systematically ratchet up your creativity to improve productivity and drive innovation.


Monthly Customized Creative Leader Newsletter: To provide key strategies in a form that you can read easily or reinforce a key concept, you’ll receive my special Creative Leader monthly newsletter. It features up to the minute creativity and creative leader tips from me and other expert authors delivered right to your door. You will find this an invaluable resource with very specific creativity and creative leader tactics you can apply immediately.


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