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Training Services for Senior Executives, high potentials, team leaders and managers to lead teams to higher levels of creativity.


Nelson Cabral delivers a range of training services for creative leaders to ramp up their own creativity and tap into more creative excellence in their teams and organization. Nelson’s training provides a framework for deploying creativity to drive productivity and efficiency and drive growth and innovation. Each is based on Nelson’s proven creative leadership and creativity strategies with specific design and delivery to meet your needs.


Custom Team Training

Based on an assessment of your team and its objectives, comprehensive training development and delivery with accountability and follow-up for the greatest return on training investment.


The Creative Leader Training Program

For individual senior executives looking for an on-going program delivering cutting edge strategies for inspiring greater creativity and innovation at employee and organizational levels to capture and leverage the creative potential in their organization.


Creative Leader Home Action Kit

Designed as complete self-paced training system to help senior executives propel their ability to unleash creativity in themselves and their teams and organizations with proven creative leadership and creativity strategies. Nelson shares practices to help you become a more effective creative leader and drive efficiency and innovation, improve productivity and become a more competitive business.


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