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Creative Leadership Keynote Speaker Nelson Cabral

Educate and Inspire With Content-Rich Programs – Filled With Practical, Cutting Edge Insights That Deliver Results


Nelson Cabral delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes to drive meaningful outcomes globally. A successful and award-winning Business Leader and Senior Executive in the creative industries of advertising, marketing, design and entertainment for over 25 years, Nelson understands the challenges a leader of a company powered by creativity faces in maximizing creativity.


Rather than relying on traditional, archaic creative management styles that fall short, Nelson delivers proven strategies for creating exceptional creative leaders and ramping up creativity and innovation in workplace cultures. That’s why he has been called on by businesses and associations to educate and inspire their teams. Nelson’s approach to innovation and creative leadership training has attracted clients such as adidas, Mercedes-Benz, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.. Amgen, GE, The Project Management Institute, TBWA\Chiat Day, Microsoft, World Lottery Association, UBM, SABIAN Cymbals, UBM, and over 1,000 other leading organizations.


Nelson is known for talks delivered with high-energy delivery, expertise and eloquence, and expertly tailoring his speaking engagements to meet the individual needs of his clients. This unique approach ensures that audiences will be engaged and more open to learning techniques and strategies that will translate into greater and more meaningful outcomes. Nelson’s ability to inspire real results, combined with his dramatic stage presence, energy, enthusiasm and unsurpassed expertise, will leave a positive and lasting impact on your audience.


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Speech Topics

The Creative Storm: Unleashing The 9 Forces Of Creative Leadership™


According to a study by IBM, CEOs cited creativity as the most important leadership quality. As a result of the digital transformation, “Creative Leadership” is becoming the most sought-after management style in all industries. It’s the “Next Big Thing” in leadership and a must-have business model for accelerating innovation, growing business and navigating today’s fast-paced and ever-shifting business universe.


Leaders must be focused on building a resilient culture where everyone is engaged. A storm of fresh, creative ideas needs to flow from every level of the organization to blow away assumptions and conventional wisdom. Nelson Cabral believes creativity requires stimulation and collaboration, and you, as the leader, have the responsibility to unleash a creative storm in your team. He will challenge conventional leadership practices and share proven management philosophies and practices to help you build and maintain a high performance culture of innovation.


“The Creative Storm” is a high-impact, high-intensity experience where Nelson reveals his 9 Forces Of Creative Leadership™ as the key to maximizing a leader’s effectiveness in driving profitability through superior levels of performance and innovations. Chances are you are sitting on a goldmine. It is vital that your management approaches unearth the hidden potential of today’s talent in order to increase creative capacity and deliver bottom-line results.


  • Drive growth and innovation by building your inspirational and collaborative leadership skills, tools and mindset
  • Consistently build and inspire winning teams to drive breakthrough creativity using proven creative leadership and change management tools
  • Ramp up and keep your team’s energy fired up so they never lose their mojo…

* Note: this session includes a free innovation audit for each participant. This assessment will provide each individual with 36 insights into how they innovate and lead differently than their peers, which will help Nelson better customize his content, takeaways, and Keynote to your company.



The Creative Storm For Workplace Culture: Blow Away Barriers To Unleash A Pervasive Culture of Innovation


With disruptive forces assaulting organizations from every direction, creativity has been labeled the single-most important business attribute. In fact, some of the world’s most lauded leaders in business have suggested a “culture of innovation” has been the key to their success. The magic ingredient to unlocking creativity? Environment.


In this entertaining, highly practical, and interactive program, Nelson Cabral shares proven practices to help you build, maintain, and nurture a creative culture. He believes the role of a leader is not to have all the ideas, but to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they’re valued – so it’s much more about creating climates. The only way to sustain long term innovation and growth in an organization is by ensuring a storm of fresh, creative ideas flow from every level of your organization – by co-creating future processes, products, and services.


This presentation is a distillation of the ideas and management principles Nelson has used to develop high performing innovation teams and pervasive cultures of innovation for over two decades. He emphasizes that the key is to not fear risk – or change. It’s an energetic talk for managers who want to ignite the “right” environment where employees are engaged, productivity and performance is elevated, and business grows.


  • Build a culture that celebrates fresh thinking and embraces new ideas and change
  • Boost quality and quantity of breakthroughs by creating more effective team relationships and interactions
  • Create a brilliant “group brain” by tapping into the creative genius inside everyone on your team
  • Create and sustain a culture where innovation is allowed to happen again and again

* Note: this session includes a free innovation audit for each participant. This assessment will provide each individual with 36 insights into how they innovate and lead differently than their peers, which will help Nelson better customize his content, takeaways, and Keynote to your company.




Creative leadership is the only way for businesses to thrive in the face of rapid disruption, Nelson Cabral argues. “The Creative Storm” is how to master it.


The pace of disruption today isn’t just fast. It’s evolving at an exponential rate. It has dawned upon most leaders that the pace of change will only increase. To keep pace, leaders are looking for a way to adapt quickly and easily to the digital transformation.


Since change processes occur continually, most will also agree that an innovative and creative mindset and skill set allows for a readiness for change. No other single leadership style, trait or theory can ensure success in today’s fast-paced and volatile business universe – except Creative Leadership. A creative leader’s ability to unleash experimentation to deal with and navigate ambiguity has become as important parameter for success.


During this dynamic, interactive and content-rich keynote, your attendees will learn to use Creative Leadership to get creative juices flowing, how to innovate to stay ahead, and how to prepare for the disruptive forces at work in your industry and beyond. Nelson Cabral will outline how organizations can reshape leadership and the internal workplace culture paving the way for more effective human resources and people development within organizations of the future.


  • How to ensure successful change processes when disruption comes calling – avoiding the typical potholes.
  • Future organizational culture supports radical innovation – learn how.
  • The importance of the leader as the driver for organization’s talent development.



“It was truly delightful to see Nelson in action and Keynote at our European Lotteries/World Lottery Association Marketing Summit. One rarely sees such dedication and passion in a speaker tailor-making a presentation for a specific audience. His performance and training for our participants was outstanding, both in content and delivery. Bravo!” – André Noël Chaker, World Lottery Association/European Lotteries Event Curator/Owner, C&C Global Advocates Oy


“Your training and facilitating was absolutely perfect for us. I was getting overwhelmed with what seemed like so many things to fix. But with your Two-Day Session, you really brought clarity to what needed to be worked on. And better yet, simplified it for me. I must say you are an excellent listener. I find that a rare treat nowadays. The staff REALLY enjoyed it and you made a huge impact on our organization.”   – Ken Robinson, Mercedes-Benz


Nelson’s Opening Keynote to our Managers at our North American Conference was highly engaging and he was able to convey A LOT of highly useful leadership skills and strategies. Great pace and masterful delivery. And loved the “Lord Nelson” approach to be innovative – I will use it for my business!” – Michael G. Smith, PMP, PMI Region 3 Summit Project Manager



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