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Welcome to your ever-growing library of FREE Creative Leadership tools, templates, and worksheets to help you and your company generate a higher level of creativity, greater productivity, and bigger breakthroughs and innovation. It’s all about making creative leadership easy, effortless, and enjoyable.


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A Tool for Creative Leaders who want to inspire risk and execute creatively at a high level repeatedly:


TheNelsonTouch_IdeaGeneratorWorksheet_2020  (PDF)


Three Tools for Creative Leaders who want to celebrate the success and failure of their teams:

StormTrooper Award  (PDF)

StorminNorman Award  (PDF)

CreativeStormImpact Award  (PDF)


Two Posters for Creative Leaders who want to boost their collaborative leadership skills and build a highly collaborative work culture:

CreativityInspiringPhrases_Poster  (PDF)

CreativityCrushingPhrases_Poster  (PDF)


Two Posters (for aspiring male and female Creative Leaders respectively) for Creative Leaders who want the secret formula to becoming the ultimate Creative Leader and igniting higher level creativity in their organization:

Creative Leader Superhero Trifecta_Women  (PDF)

Creative Leader Superhero Trifecta_Men  (PDF)


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