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Discover how The Creative Storm’s methodology and Creative Leadership Strategies can transform your leadership, workplace culture, talent management, productivity, and innovation!

As the ultimate and definitive Creative Leadership Manifesto, The Creative Storm reveals powerful leadership strategies to drive consistent creativity and innovation quarter after quarter, year after year.


Unleash The Creative Storm in your workplace culture, organization and people – HIGHER performing teams, BIGGER innovation, and BETTER management effectiveness – by awakening and leveling up your Creative Leadership, the most sought-after management style in all industries today. Bursting at the seams with loads of tools, tips, strategies, worksheets, quizzes and exercises to assess your own Creative Leadership expertise, this easy-to-read Creative Leadership Manifesto provides all the how-to tools to manage creativity for the highest levels of innovation once-and-for-all.


Over 500 brands, CEOs and Executives have relied on Nelson’s Creative Storm methodology to take innovation to new levels and navigate change, including adidas, Disney, Microsoft, SABIAN Cymbals, Mercedes-Benz, The Estée Lauder Companies, GE, Proctor & Gamble, and Anheuser-Busch. Based on Nelson’s decades of market-proven, top-tier, award-winning creative leadership experience in the industries of advertising, media, entertainment, television, design, and marketing, The Creative Storm gives business leaders and managers an actionable plan to create an inspired culture where the latent talent throughout your organization can be unleashed. Learn an imaginative framework and process for fearless leadership and creating that safe space where innovation happens again and again – in an interesting, interactive and easy to read business book format.


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The Creative Storm gives business leaders and managers in any industry an actionable plan to implement creativity throughout all levels of their organization. Author Nelson Cabral distills an imaginative framework for boosting any business by igniting a creative storm in innovation and competitiveness through a series of simple, yet effective, steps.”
– David Bossert, Producer, Creative Director, The Walt Disney Company

“LOVE THE CREATIVE STORM SO MUCH! If you’ve ever suspected your company could be on the verge of something great, The Creative Storm offers an effective and comprehensive road map to make it happen. Creativity is innovation’s rocket fuel. Using Cabral’s methodology, leaders can create an invested culture where the latent talent throughout their organization can be unleashed. I especially like Nelson’s ideas around fearless leadership and investing in every employee, at every level, to have a safe space for creativity. If the status quo is your kryptonite, you’ll love this book.”
Allison Dick, Director, Digital Content – Marketing Solutions & Customer Experience (CX), Xerox / Former Content Strategist, Corus Entertainment

The Creative Storm is a game changer. I like that it is a positive disruptive force. Once you start thinking about it, diving in, activating some of Cabral’s Creative Leadership Forces, you realize how stale and dead your thinking actually is, and how limited your teams and people’s creativity can become. The Creative Storm really reminds you that at the heart of all great cultures and businesses is creativity. If you want to accelerate your innovation potential and extract better thinking from yourself and your team, I guarantee you that this book will help you unleash a Creative Storm in your business.”
– Laurie Toscano, Global VP, Global End User Services, The Estée Lauder Companies







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