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Creative Storm For Hollywood

Nelson Cabral – International Film and TV Keynote Speaker

In most cases, leaders in Film and TV get to the top by starting at the bottom. Many are self made, meaning that they learned their trade while doing it, not necessarily in a business school. But when someone gets to a point in which they are being considered to lead, are they truly prepared to lead? What develops and inspires a new breed of leaders in the Film and TV industries?

The Creative Storm For Film And TV Leaders: Unleashing Next Gen Creative Leadership

New distribution platforms driving demand. Globally distributed workflow transforming teamwork. New upstart indie voices joining the conversation. Digital imagery invading the physical world. Technology vanishing (well, becoming less intrusive in the creative process). Yup, what’s goin’ on today in Hollywood is as significant as anything we’ve seen before, but being driven by a whole new set of forces.


Plus, with so many more places to see great Film and TV, the distinction between broadcast, cable and all other distribution platforms has disappeared. Moving forward into 2020 and beyond, QUALITY is the ONLY thing that matters.


Are You Ready To Take The Film And TV Industry By Storm?


We may be in a platinum age of Film and TV, but the businesses of entertainment, media, publishing, and tech are in chaos. Amid all this massive change and disruption, Creative Leaders must find a path forward and not just survive, but thrive amongst the giants dominating.


During this highly competitive period, higher levels of innovation, and a “different” kind of Creative Leadership is required – one that’s more powerful and can break through today’s barriers, enable culture change, and engage and empower talent in new and more powerful ways, so new levels of creativity are unleashed and come flooding in.


How can we retain talent with indie upstarts on the rise, usurping major studios? How can we create stronger team cultures with empowering working conditions? Are our leadership strategies churning through our best talent, or igniting underperformers to keep creative mojos high? Do Creative Leaders have the time (and skills!) for mentoring? Is our next generation prepared to lead, equipped with the strong Creative Leadership skills demanded in the Film and TV industries? As Creative Leaders, do we really have the processes and methodology to unleash constant innovation, using modern collective intelligence strategies to engage and empower talent?


As a Film and TV Executive, reinventing your Creative Leadership approach using The Creative Storm’s 9 Forces of Creative Leadership ™ allows you to be at the forefront of where the Film and TV industries are heading. If you can Champion Communication, Release Cheerleader, Elevate Strategy, Activate Climates, Trigger Collaboration, Inspire Risk, Value Empathy, Empower Generators, and Spark Imagination, you WILL take Hollywood by storm.


“The Creative Storm gives business leaders and managers in the entertainment and media industries an actionable plan to implement creativity throughout all levels of their organization. Author and Creative Leadership Expert Nelson Cabral distills an imaginative framework for engaging and empowering talent by igniting a Creative Storm in innovation through a series of simple, yet effective steps.”

— David Bossert, Producer, Creative Director & Head of Special Projects, The Walt Disney Company

“LOVE THE CREATIVE STORM SO MUCH! If you’ve ever suspected your company could be on the verge of something great, The Creative Storm offers an effective and comprehensive road map to make it happen. Creativity is innovation’s rocket fuel. Using Cabral’s methodology, Creative Leaders can create an invested culture where the latent talent throughout their organization can be unleashed. I especially like Nelson’s ideas around fearless leadership and investing in every employee, at every level, to have a safe space for creativity. If the status quo is your kryptonite, you’ll love this book.”

— Allison Dick, Content Strategist, Corus Entertainment

“Nelson is the next Woody Allen or Mike Clattenburg. He truly understands how to inspire and guide highly creative and artistic individuals and teams—and lead them to high standards of performance. To thrive as a Creative Leader in innovative, artistic, entrepreneurial environments, you must allow the freedom to take risks and not inhibit the creative process, but ignite it. Nelson gets that, and knows how to find that balance. It was amazing to see him in action and learn from him. Every leader of a creative industries company should!”

— Bernard Robichaud, Producer / Award-Winning Actor, Trailer Park Boys / Netflix



Sessions can be customized from 90 minutes to half-day, full-day, and 2-day formats:

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APPLICATION: Multi-Day Course

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2-Day Course At Your Location: The Creative Storm For Film And TV Leaders


This fully-immersive course combines proven Creative Leadership strategies with a highly experiential classroom setting. This multi-day experience is an engaging and comprehensive exploration of The Creative Storm methodology and process. You will learn techniques for transforming textbook theory into operational reality and apply what you’ve learned through action planning in the context of your workplace.


You will succeed in developing consistent, capable and confident Supervisors, Managers and Team Leaders who manage creativity for the highest levels of innovation through this Creative Leadership System and The Creative Storm Methodology. This comprehensive approach will ensure a lasting change in your Creative Leadership approach and Creative Culture of your Film and TV business to support high performance and landmark innovation.



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