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Creative Storm For Health

Nelson Cabral – International Health Care & Biotech Keynote Speaker

NEXT GENERATION CREATIVE LEADERSHIP TRAINING For Senior Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and High Potentials in Health Care


CABRAL Creative Leadership International Inc. client-site programs can save you money, time, and travel. Nelson and his team bring unparalleled executive professional development designed to inspire your leaders and workplace to think and act differently about business success – directly to you, at your place.




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Sessions can be customized from 90 minutes to half-day, full-day, and 2-day formats:

KNOWLEDGE: Half-Day Seminar


APPLICATION: Multi-Day Course

THE CREATIVE STORM FOR HEALTH & BIOTECH EXECUTIVES: Unleashing The 9 Forces of Creative Leadership – 2-Day Course At Your Location


Are You Ready To Take The Health Care Industry By Storm? Taking Medicine To New Frontiers?

We may be in a platinum age of the creative industries, but the businesses of creativity are in chaos. Amid all this massive change and disruption, Creative Leaders must find a path forward and not just survive, but thrive amongst the giants dominating the creative industries. During this highly competitive period, higher levels of innovation, and a different kind of Creative Leadership is required – one that’s more powerful and can break through today’s barriers, so new levels of creativity come flooding in.


Reinventing your Creative Leadership approach with The 9 Forces of Creative Leadership allows you to be at the forefront of where the creative industries are heading. If you can Champion Communication, Release Cheerleader, Elevate Strategy, Activate Climates, Trigger Collaboration, Inspire Risk, Value Empathy, Empower Generators and Spark Imagination, you WILL take your industry by storm.


This fully-immersive course combines proven Creative Leadership strategies with a highly experiential classroom setting. This multi-day experience is an engaging and comprehensive exploration of The Creative Storm methodology and process. You will learn techniques for transforming textbook theory into operational reality and apply what you’ve learned through action planning in the context of your workplace.


You will succeed in developing consistent, capable and confident Supervisors, Managers and Team Leaders who manage creativity for the highest levels of innovation through this Creative Leadership System and The Creative Storm Methodology. This comprehensive approach will ensure a lasting change in the Creative Leadership approach and Creative Culture of your business to support high performance.



Nelson’s business keynotes and innovation consulting are thoughtful and engaging. He analyzed the issues our team was having and presented actionable tools and strategies. I was particularly impressed with his interaction with employees, always putting them at ease and encouraging them to speak freely throughout his program.” – Greg Chrisanthidis, ‎Customer Experience Manager, Mercedes-Benz Canada, Toronto Corporate Head Office


The Creative Storm is a game changer. I like that it is a positive disruptive force. Once you start thinking about it, diving in, activating some of Cabral’s Creative Leadership Forces, you realize how stale and dead your thinking actually is, and how limited your teams and people’s creativity can become. The Creative Storm really reminds you that at the heart of all great cultures and businesses is creativity. If you want to accelerate your innovation potential and extract better thinking from yourself and your team, I guarantee you that this book will help you unleash a Creative Storm in your business.”
– Laurie Toscano, Global VP, Global End User Services, The Estée Lauder Companies



The Creative Storm gives business leaders and managers in any industry an actionable plan to implement creativity throughout all levels of their organization. Author Nelson Cabral distills an imaginative framework for boosting any business by igniting a creative storm in innovation and competitiveness through a series of simple, yet effective, steps.”
– David Bossert, Producer, Creative Director, The Walt Disney Company


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