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Creative Leader Coaching

Be Accountable for Results by Nelson as Your Personal Advisor


Leaders of companies powered by creativity face the challenge of managing, inspiring, and organizing their teams and business daily to deliver and produce creative excellence. Often, there is no time or opportunity to step back, get perspective and explore new strategies to inspiring and ramping up creativity. And without feedback, reinforcement and accountability, moving forward to become a better creative leader can be challenging.


speakerThat’s why Nelson created The Creative Leader Coaching Program. For senior executives, high potentials, managers and team leaders in companies powered by creativity, Nelson provides strategic and tactical feedback on how to address your greatest business challenges and nurture the important links between leadership, creativity, and innovation.


Nelson not only can provide detailed feedback that can be immediately implemented, he provides accountability for you to get it done. This way, step by step, you can make the changes to jumpstart your creativity and your teams to drive meaningful and immediate results.


The Creative Leader Coaching Program was designed exclusively for those individuals who are looking to realize their full potential, and who are ready to take their Creative Leadership career to the highest possible level. Offering unprecedented access to Nelson Cabral, this program will give you the tools you need to uncover fresh approaches for reinvention and growth.


Through one-on-one calls and a variety of supplemental resources, Nelson can guide you to higher levels of leadership and inspired creativity.


As a Coaching Program member, you’ll also receive an exclusive set of resources, including Twice-Per-Month One-on-One Coaching and Accountability Calls, Monthly Creative Leader Webinars, Weekly Action Plans, and Monthly Creative Leader Newsletters.


The Creative Storm Private Roster Executive Mentor Program

The Creative Storm Private Roster Mentor Program offers high-powered executive mentoring help internationally. The program is an intensive 1-on-1 experience for executives and business owners in the creative industries and beyond who want to take their leadership and their teams to new levels of creativity, innovation, performance and business results. You will transform from an accomplished manager and leader into an industry-shaping creative leader of the future – a Triple Threat Creative Leader™


You meet with Nelson Cabral privately by phone or virtually using video conferencing tools for regularly scheduled sessions to receive training, review progress, remove business development obstacles, and establish new practice-building activities. Additional support is available via unlimited access to Nelson by e-mail, phone, fax, regular mail, or other means in between your regularly scheduled sessions. Everything (from big-picture strategy to day-to-day tactics and execution) is custom-tailored around your strengths, personal preferences, and your particular goals.


Using Nelson’s Creative Storm Methodology, Creative Storm Radar™, Creative Leadership Assessment & Innovative Culture Audit Tools, and his 9 Forces of Creative Leadership™, Nelson will guide you through challenges such as:


  • Developing a clear definition of your creative leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating a roadmap to making the change you are passionate about
  • Building, leading, and managing a team capable of superior levels of creativity, innovation and performance
  • Discovering the “right fit” practical tools and frameworks to spark creativity and innovation and ignite fast idea generators and easy collaborators
  • Moving beyond comfort zones to work with others and drive results
  • Using new techniques to influence others, address workplace challenges, and become a driver for your organization’s talent development
  • Effectively collaborating with others to accomplish high quality work, faster
  • And much more…


The Creative Storm Methodology and 9 Forces of Creative Leadership™ provides a complete system for managing innovation, broadening your focus from managing to actively nurturing through the three critical conditions and cells of The Creative Storm:


Creative Leadership
The release of innovation must start at the top.


Creative Culture
The team culture must embrace, not discourage, creativity and innovation.


Creative Performance
Each person within the team must have the room and encouragement to release their personal creativity.



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