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Here are the top 10 reasons Nelson Cabral is the perfect speaker for your next Corporate and Association Meeting, Conference and Event. Cabral is known to over exceed client expectations and blow the socks off audiences when delivering inspiring keynotes and seminars on innovation, creativity, and leadership:


10. You Want Real World Experience.

You know that experience IS everything. Nelson is not just a speaker, but an expert who speaks. As an awardwinning triple-threat creative leader (Creative Director – Film Director – Musical Theatre Leading Man) and major market-proven senior strategic creative talent, Nelson’s teachings are based on his extensive, world-class, creative leadership experience – his own and that of his clients.


Many speakers can talk a good game about creative leadership, creativity, and innovation, but ask them these critical questions:


• What companies have you worked for as a “creative leader”?
• Which brands have you developed breakout successes for?
• Would I recognize any of these client’s brands?
• Did this strategic creativity produce tremendous growth and profiability?
• How many consulting projects and assignments do you manage creativity and creatives on each year?


The secret to success as a creative leader in the creative industries is actually doing it – reading and speaking about it don’t qualify. If your candidate speaker hasn’t actively led and managed creativity and creatives within the last two years, the experience becomes less and less relevant. After all, the market today is moving in nanosecond speed – so what worked yesterday will not work today or tomorrow.


Nelson has a consistent track record of success in “creative leadership”roles in the creative industries of advertising, marketing, design, and entertainment; countless international awards recognizing creative excellence; wide-frame creative thinking on Fortune 500 companies; two decades of leading and inspiring teams to create truly amazing work that drove breakaway growth and success; and has delivered and facilitated over 200 executive work sessions and brand strategy workshops for clients. His career includes stints in Canada, Europe, and Brazil, where he worked with leading creative companies including Leo Burnett, MuchMusic, Desafi, Bozell, DDB, McCann Worldgroup, Lowe GGK, and TBWA\Chiat\Day. Hire Nelson, and you and your audience will understand why experience speaks for itself.


CABRAL Creative: Demo Reel from Nelson Cabral Speaker on Vimeo.



9. You Want Top Tier, Big Name Expertise.

In other words, Nelson has worked with and for Fortune 500, top-tier companies with big business goals and even bigger budgets. Nelson’s client list and creative industry leader list has been loaded with brand-name, recognizable companies from across the globe. To truly understand the intricacies of creative leadership,you must tackle the challenges of leading and managing creativity and creatives in REAL creative companies with REAL operational effiency needs and REAL projects with BIG business objectives.


Nelson’s got that – he’s spent the better part of his career leading creative teams and inspiring breakthrough creative thinking for big brands. Nelson has a consistent track record of creating success for Fortune 500 companies such as Adidas, Molson, GE, Carlsberg, Cadbury, Wrigley, Toshiba, P&G, Anheuser-Busch, Sears, Schering-Plough, Bridgestone, and Microsoft. Plus, he’s helped build famous brands like aeroplan, Bell, Latin Percussion, Coppertone, Revlon, Mastercard, and MaxFactor.


Nelson has also directed celebrity actors, grammy award-winning music icons, and international celebrity artists and bands in DVDs, TV spots, videos, documentaries, and mockumentaries around the world– including Chad Smith and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nickelback, Rush, Prince, Carlos Santana, Mark Anthony, the Trailer Park Boys, and many others. Nelson also brings extensive global music and percussion brand leadership experience – from leading the world’s top percussion brands including Latin Percussion, TOCA Percussion, and SABIAN Cymbals.


CABRAL Creative: Director, Nelson In Action from Nelson Cabral Speaker on Vimeo.



8. You Want HIGH ENERGY, HIGH IMPACT – A Rockstar Teacher And ACTRA-SAG Performer, All In One.

Teacher AND performer? All in one? Is that possible? Yes. Not only is Nelson a high-content creative leadership expert, but he is also a certifid member of ACTRA/SAG, the“Most Distinguished Performer’s Union in the World”. Highly entertaining, he knows how to move and command an audience. His captivating, powerful and award-winning leading man performances have garned him standing ovations playing roles like The Emcee in Cabaret, Jesus in Godspell, Paul in Chorus Line, and Finch Pierrepont in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. You want to blow your audience’s socks of – delivering expertise AND an entertaining experience? Hire Nelson for your next event.



CABRAL Creative: Leading Man Showreel from Nelson Cabral Speaker on Vimeo.



7. You Want Captivating Stories From A Critically-Acclaimed, Multiple Award-Winner.

Nelson’s wide-frame creative thinking and creative leadership has not only helped build famous brands, but has also been recognized for a high level of creativity and creative excellence by countless national and international award shows. Nelson’s creativity has been recognized at Mobius, the London International Advertising Awards, the New York Festivals, Applied Arts, the Crystals, Ice, Marketing, and others. Of note, his Pro•Line“Bar-Hopping Aliens”spot won fist place in Playback’s National TOP SPOTS AWARDS – making it the #1 TV commercial in Canada. His creative boutique, CABRAL Creative, was recently recognized as a “Fastest Growing Company”by Progress Magazine, landing #2 on the ONES TO WATCH list. He’s also sat on national creative juries and award show judging panels including CBC’s Canada Reads, The Crystals, and the CANNES TVB Awards. Plus, his stage roles as Sancho Panza and Paul San Marco garnered him BEST PERFORMANCE BY A MALE IN A LEADING ROLE awards.




6. You Need To Hear (And Experience) Something New, Original And Highly-Relevant.

Nelson’s fresh perspective on creative leadership is hot – to today’s, and tomorrow’s, business market. According to a study by IBM, CEOs cited creativity as the most important leadership quality over the next five years. That “the ability to embody creative leadership is among the most important attributes for capitalizing on complexity”. Unlike other“creativity”and “innovation”and “leadership”speakers, Nelson’s focus is on “Creative Leadership”, which he believes is the future of leadership. The“new”leadership is“creative leadership”. Hearing Nelson is unlike hearing anybody else you’ve ever heard before. Hire him, andyou’ll understand why!




5. You Want High Content – Hard-hitting Skills, Tools, And Actionable Strategies.

You know that people need more than “motivation”. They need substance, education, and they want relevant, up-to-date content. They need some hardcore business skills and new strategies and processes they can take back to their companies and use immediately to drive their next level of success. Nelson is more than a “motivational”speaker as he’s completely action-oriented – so he gives out A LOT of solid, compelling, educational, and practical content in his programs. It’s been said that an audience can’t take notes fast enough to keep up with the ideas generated during Nelson’s talks. Yet, they enjoy the experience as it is seamlessly woven into a coherent and entertaining discussion.




4. You Want A Speaker With Ability To Connect With Executive Level Clients & Business Owners.

As a creative leader, sometimes the hardest task is not the actual work but pitching ideas to an executive team. Coming up with creative concepts can be easy; selling them to senior executives is hard. With creative work still relying heavily on the pitch, and selling and persuading, Nelson has presented and successfully sold over 1,000 creative strategies and concepts to senior leadership teams. He sells ideas like no other – and knows how to persuade and command a boardroom. And his ability to articulate why a concept makes us feel a certain way and confiently telling his client exactly why it will grow their business is pretty incredible. Nelson has more than 20 years of experience working with leaders of all levels in all types of organizations. He connects with them on a personal level and is passionate about helping them achieve excellence. Nelson has a consistent track record of providing ongoing counsel to senior client executives to boost strategic creativity. He has the ability to connect with executive level clients and business owners as a mature creative listener and thinker and experienced, entrepreneurial owner operator. Engage him for your next event and you’ll see it in action!




3. You Want A Fun And Unforgettable Team-Building Event.

Nelson’s personable and passionate style is high energy, high content, and high involvement. He wants his audiences to feel, know and do something diffrently when they leave his programs. Do you want your company’s next retreat to be more valuable, relevant, and fun than ever before? Does your association need an opening or closing keynote that will get attendees laughing, energized, and motivated? Nelson will make you and your audience enjoy all the excitement, business potential, and flt-out fun creativity and creative leadership has to offer!




2. You Want Added Value – For Major Return On Investment.

Your investment in Nelson pays of right away as Nelson delivers immediately actionable, market-proven, creative leadership strategies and tactics to create high-performing workplaces (and employees) that unleash more breakout successes. Plus, you get FREE handouts, an in-depth “Needs and Interests”survey and report, in-depth customization and tailoring, and lots of post-program follow-up.




1. You Want Someone Who’s A Pleasure To Work With.

Nelson’s clients will tell you – he is truly known for his contagious, enthusiastic, positive energy and dynamic charisma. He has a sort of magnetic presence that electrifis everyone he touches (a.k.a The Nelson Touch) –and you will feel it from the time you talk to him about your event until the very last word that comes out of his mouth in his speech. Your participants will laugh, learn and leave feeling better than when they came.



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