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“If you’ve ever suspected your company or team could be on the verge of something great, Nelson and The Creative Storm offers an effective and comprehensive road map to make it happen. Creativity is innovation’s rocket fuel! Using Cabral’s methodology, leaders can create an invested culture where the latent talent throughout their organization can be unleashed. I especially like Nelson’s ideas around fearless leadership and investing in every employee at every level – to have a safe space for creativity. If the status quo is your kryptonite, you’ll love Nelson and his programs.” – Allison Dick, Content Strategist, Women’s Interactive, Corus Entertainment/Senior Digital Producer, McCann


“If you need help in creating synergy in your teams and elevating management effectiveness in your leaders, we recommend Nelson. We loved him because of his contagious enthusiasm and willingness to genuinely listen to our management team and inspire them to drive productivity and performance. The outcome of Nelson’s work was our leaders being prepared to drive innovation and business growth, capture employee commitment and elevate productivity and performance.”  Andrew Peters, Mercedes-Benz


“Highly creative! Nelson knocked it out of the park for us.” – Maria Visocchi, Director of Marketing, adidas


“I admit the honor of hosting Mr. Cabral at our offices in Warsaw, Poland, where he enraptured the staff and management with his winning formula for unlocking the hidden creative treasures within.”– John Van Kannel, CEO/Managing Director, The Lowe Group, Warsaw, Poland (Lowe GGK, PanMedia Western, GGK PR)


Nelson’s Opening Keynote program to our Project Managers at our North American Conference was highly engaging and he was able to convey A LOT of highly useful management skills and strategies. Here’s what I heard from our PMIers/audience members: ‘Loved the “Lord Nelson” approach to be innovative – I will use it for my business; Great pace and masterful delivery; Nelson was great, and I’d love to see keynote speakers like him for our global events; Nelson was an outstanding presenter and gave our team and managers a much needed spark and boost.’” – Michael G. Smith, PMP, PMI Region 3 Summit Project Manager


Nelson delivered an excellent Management & Leadership Seminar for PMI! It was very well received and I’ve already received very positive feedback from those Project Managers in attendance. It was an insightful and inspiring presentation on how leadership can drive innovation through creativity. Nelson provided practical tools for our members to bring back to their organizations to make the positive changes desired. Nelson’s energy and passion created an engaging experience for our members and guests in attendance.” Mathieu Savoie, Director of Events, PMI/Project Manager, Missing Link Technologies

Nelson’s passion for inspiring the highest levels of innovation is contagious.” – Don Fitzpatrick, Senior Account Director, Marketing & Brand Manager, GE


Nelson’s full day seminar to our agency management and team was practical, insightful and energizing. Amazing!
– Bartek Bartoszek, Owner and Creative Director, TBWA Warsaw
Articulate. Persuasive. Energetic. Nelson has a genuine interest in helping leaders and teams solve marketing, advertising and innovation problems.” – Martin Shewchuk, VP, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett

Nelson has excellent ideas, and always endeavours to understand his target audience. Great to work with!– Bill Keenan, Executive Creative Director, Toshiba


Nelson is the next Woody Allen or Mike Clattenburg. He truly understands how to inspire and guide highly creative and artistic individuals and teams – and lead them to high standards of performance. To thrive as a leader in innovative, artistic, entrepreneurial environments, you must allow the freedom to take risks and not inhibit the creative process, but ignite it. Nelson gets that, and knows how to find that balance. It was amazing to see him in action and learn from him. Every leader of a creative company should!– Bernard Robichaud, Producer/Award-Winning Actor, Trailer Park Boys/Netflix


Nelson is highly innovative in bringing new and never-before-seen management team development experiences and corporate training to our Executive team.” – Luanne Zhu, Customer Experience Strategy Manager, Mercedes-Benz Canada, Toronto Corporate Head Office


I have had the pleasure to see two versions of Nelson’s “Creative Storm” Innovation Management Program. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to everyone. Regardless of the nature of your business or activity, creativity can help you move forward and Nelson can show you how. His many real-life examples clearly demonstrate that he has learned world-class innovation management from real experience. Thank you, Nelson, for sharing The Creative Storm and your inspirational ideas on the art of leading innovation.” – Darren Brown, CGI Group Inc., Senior IT Project Manager and Business Analyst


Nelson has the natural ability to inspire others with his positive energy and enthusiasm. He is a talented and charismatic presenter. Nelson is a highly capable creative leader with the potential to add great value to any organization he works with.” – Blaine Van Snick, Director of Marketing, Sobeys


Beneath Nelson’s warm and friendly demeanour exists a refined, powerful and visionary Professional Speaker and Innovation Director. Nelson was the Writer, Creative Director, Brand Strategist, and dynamic force behind our internationally recognized “WIN-WIN” campaign, which garnered ALC a “Top 10 Marketer That Mattered”
award from Marketing Magazine. The value of what Nelson does goes beyond his creativity – it is also passion and accountability that drives his desire to service clients and grow their business.” – Robert Stokes, Director, Strategy & Planning/Vice President, Social Responsibility and Communications, Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Enjoyed Nelson’s Creative Storm presentation at Venn Innovation Centre!” – Doug Robertson, President & CEO at Venn Innovation Inc.


Nelson rocked it in Malibu! His ideas and vision are amazing.” – Chad Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Inductee, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



Imaginative and highly creative. An enthusiastic, seasoned Innovation Director with impressive innovation capabilities. Very capable of addressing business strategy in a dynamic, appealing manner. Infectious, positive energy. Nelson is an engaging presenter and has a talent for simplifying business challenges into compelling ideas and solutions. Thoroughly enjoyed working with Nelson.” – Sue Bulmer, Manager, Communications, Bell






Nelson’s game-changing Oyster Brand Workshop and Innovation Consulting has reinvented our potential. He helped us come up with a radical new value proposition, empowered us to identify unexpected opportunities, create disruptive ideas, rethink our customers, and differentiate our brand.” – Teri Maltais, SVP Marketing, RtTech Software

When Nelson first showed up, our management and teams all thought we would be getting yet another run of the mill keynote speaker and corporate trainer. But that is not what we got. Nelson delivered the most engaging and interactive presentation that our company has ever had. Nelson’s deep knowledge about his subject, and his ability to present in a highly engaging and impactful way completely inspired my team to return to work excited to reach new levels of creativity and innovation.” – Greg Hemmings, CEO/Executive Producer, Hemmings House Pictures


Nelson spoke at our year-end company retreat effectively inspiring and educating our creative team.  His ability to manage and capture an audience is impressive.  We would hire and recommend Nelson as a Keynote Speaker any day.– Steve Foster, Producer/Operations Manager, Hemmings House Pictures


Nelson’s business keynotes and innovation consulting are thoughtful and engaging. He analyzed the issues our team was having and presented actionable tools and strategies. I was particularly impressed with his interaction with employees, always putting them at ease and encouraging them to speak freely throughout his program.” – Greg Chrisanthidis, ‎Customer Experience Manager, Mercedes-Benz Canada, Toronto Corporate Head Office




Nelson entertained and inspired our students with his stellar keynote presentation again this year. His depth of knowledge and experience shows his real creative genius. Dale Ritchie, President, McKenzie College School of Art and Design



Every presentation he made, workshop he facilitated, or strategy session he led, Nelson was always incredibly enthusiastic and positive, inspiring, insightful and visionary – always pushing us to rethink the way we position Mount Allison and act like innovative leaders. And always driving strategic and purposeful transformation. Nelson listens with understanding and is committed to always helping our leaders, team and organization find innovative solutions to solve our most important challenges, pains, headaches and heartaches. He truly is an original, world-class resource to help you achieve your most important goals.” – Michelle Strain, Leadership Director/Director, Administrative Services at Mount Allison University


Nelson’s guest lectures in our Arts and Culture Marketing program were very inspiring. Our students were always very enthusiastic about his visits and learned a great deal from his experiences and success stories. Nelson’s teachings inspired them to put in that extra 10% effort and creativity in their major final projects, which can so be so elusive.” Rosemary Polegato, MBA, PhD, Professor of Commerce, Mount Allison University




Nelson and CABRAL Creative Leadership International Inc. delivers out-of-the-box thinking, fresh ideas, and flawless, innovative execution that never disappoints. Nelson’s depth of perception, strong research skills, and congenial working relationships, makes working together an unbeatable formula for success. Through Nelson’s creative strategies and innovative business ideas, we have seen Brescia University College go through a massive growth period, with increased student numbers and registration year over year.” – Sheila Blagrave, Director of Communications, Marketing and External Relations, Brescia Women’s University College 



Nelson facilitated, emceed, and keynoted at our annual Executive Three-day Retreat. With some recent challenges with the Executive team, Nelson’s team-building program was an excellent way to boost morale and productivity, while squeezing in some excellent leadership, teamwork and communications skills development. Because of Nelson, this was our BEST Executive Retreat ever! A Speaking Program from Nelson will energize your team to take on the world!– Bruce Fitch, Minister of Justice & Consumer Affairs, Minister of Economic Development/Leader of the Official Opposition, Government of New Brunswick




In my seven years working with Nelson, I experienced a results-oriented individual with superior leadership skills, while retaining the ability to be a team player. I regard him as a reliable and trustworthy management consultant with an excellent record of guiding and advising on high level management issues. If you are a C-level leader who needs help accelerating innovation and change, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Nelson.” – Hazel McCallion, Mayor of Mississauga, Order of Canada in 2005, runner-up in World Mayor 2005, longest serving mayor in Canada


Nelson is a multi-talented, highly intelligent Innovation Director and Keynote Speaker at the top of the North American market. He has the unique talent of understanding business analysis, priorities and imperatives; and uncovering strategies that meet the challenge. A true renaissance individual, he knows how to push the creative envelope while facilitating and presenting highly effective, real world business strategies and results.” – David A. McAllister, Vice President, Jam Industries Ltd.





I just want to congratulate you for a fabulous keynote presentation. It is unusual for a presenter to frame the marketing issues so precisely, getting just the right mix of big-picture objectives and rubber-hits-road specificity about what to do about it. Frankly, most keynote speakers and marketing experts do okay on the big-picture inspiration angle, or if they come from an operational role they do well on the details of execution. It’s just that few can do both, and it is so vital to do both for the presentation to connect with the audience and have relevant impact. Professional speakers like yourself often succeed at the inspiration part, but few deliver on the implementation part. Thank you for connecting all the dots. I accepted the Lord Nelson Challenge and have already embarked on new ways to reinvent our business!” – Paul Jason, Editor, EL News Magazine, CEO, Public Gaming Research Institute



I really loved Nelson’s energy and good will and passion for marketing during his recent Marketing keynote in London, UK. He was one of my personal ‘plug in the wall’ electricity connections at the event. He electrified me – and the audience!” – Terri Markle, President & CEO, La Fleur’s Lottery Conference & Symposium, TLF Publications



It was truly delightful to see Nelson in action and keynoting at our European Lotteries/World Lottery Association Marketing Summit. One rarely sees such dedication and passion in a speaker tailor-making a presentation for a specific audience. His performance and training for our participants was outstanding, both in content and delivery. Bravo!” – André Noël Chaker, World Lottery Association/European Lotteries Event Curator/Owner, C&C Global Advocates Oy



Nelson’s annual multi-day retreats and executive team development workshops held every year are challenging, motivating and inspiring. Love his ‘Roxercises’. Our senior team always returns from them enlightened and reinvigorated to ignite innovation in our business, culture, marketing and brands. Even better, Nelson has the ability to help us translate inspiration into action.” – Jim Rockwell, V.P. Director of Marketing, Latin Percussion Headquarters, Garfield, New Jersey, USA


Nelson’s Two-Day training and facilitating was absolutely perfect for our executive team and employees. I was getting overwhelmed with what seemed like so many things to fix. But with his Innovation & Management Training and Best Customer Experience Workshop & Strategic Work Sessions, Nelson really brought clarity to what needed to be worked on and improved. And better yet, simplified it for me. I must say, Nelson is an excellent listener. I find that a rare treat nowadays. The entire staff and Executive Team REALLY enjoyed his sessions and he made a huge impact on our employees and organization.” – Ken Robinson, Fixed Operation Manager, Mercedes-Benz Canada


“Nelson has the uncanny ability to walk into any room, bring people together and inspire them to create truly amazing results.– Miguel LeBlanc, Senior Art Director, Hudson Creative Agency

We’ve held many strategic work sessions, executive meetings and staff training seminars facilitated and led by Nelson. We look forward to these meetings because they were creative and different each time and always resulted in new ideas that we were able to develop into our corporate culture, marketing strategies and brands.” – Heidi Schaeffer, Executive Creative Director, Kaman Music Corporation, Global Headquarters, Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA



We invited Nelson to be our keynote speaker to share his experiences and inspire other entrepreneurs. The entire audience was extremely impressed with Nelson’s keynote presentation, and his high quality of delivery demonstrated that he does his research and is always well-prepared.  His passionate and enthusiastic style kept us entertained while imparting high quality insights on leadership, business creativity and innovation.” – Karen Robinson, Executive Director, CBDC


We greatly enjoyed Nelson’s creative approach in offering lasting innovation and presentation skills training to our safety professionals. Feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, and training has resulted in many “aha!” moments for the team.”  Erik Matchett, Director, Corporate Relations and Communications, NB Power

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