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Nelson Cabral has been recognized as a Leading Specialist on Leadership & Innovation and Creative Leadership Expert. He’s been interviewed by award-winning print, podcast and radio media for his unique expertise:


  • Feature article highlighting Nelson Cabral’s recent Innovation, Creativity & Marketing Keynote in London, UK, for the World Lottery Association/European Lotteries: 

So we have Big Data. Now what?


  • Nelson Cabral, the world’s only Triple Threat Creative Leadership Expert featured and interviewed on one of North America’s top and most award-winning podcast series. Nelson interviewed about his fresh perspectives on creative leadership and innovation management. Have a listen! Will give you a good sense of his message and mission: to develop future organizational cultures, boost radical innovation and inspire a new breed of leaders: a creative CEO in every enterprise.



In this episode:

  • We hear how Nelson is a creative leadership triple threat and what his over two-decade experience in the advertising business taught him about creativity.
  • We discuss how EVERYONE can be creative, not just “creative-types”.
  • Nelson explains how many leaders get stuck in their typical way of leading which is predictable and risk-adverse.
  • We distinguish what creative leadership looks like.
  • Nelson brings us through his “Creative Storm” and how it aids in changing company culture.
  • He tells us that leaders need to set the stage for creativity but not necessarily perform on it.
  • We discuss why creative leadership is so important now and some examples of those leading the creative leadership charge.
  • The Boiling Point team is impressed with Nelson’s energetic approach and how a coaching approach can be very similar to the creative leadership approach.
  • The Boiling Point team also notes that it may be easier to change your current company culture than to just move on to somewhere else.


  • Nelson’s “Creative Storm” Leadership Framework and Innovation Management Approach featured in a globally published article for Happy Corporation Society in Lisbon, Portugal. In this article, Nelson Cabral is featured on the Happy Corporations Society Blog, where he explores 9 powerful forces to ignite workplace happiness. Publisher and Editor Bruna Pereira suggests “this is the best reading we can offer you to help avoid the back-to-work blues after your relaxing summer vacation is officially over.” Get inspired:



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