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April 19, 2017 7:29 pm
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Cultivate a relationship between data and creativity.  Big Data is only as good as the people who use and apply it.

At a recent EL-WLA joint Marketing Seminar in London, England, Nelson Cabral delivered a Keynote and shared with audience members the leadership philosophies, management principles, and innovation strategies he’s used to drive superior levels of performance and improve creativity and innovation capabilities in teams and organizations for over two decades.


Introducing “The Nelson Touch”


Nelson’s understanding of creative leadership and innovation was originally born in the school of disappointment. After working with lottery and gaming clients across Canada and around the world, he became inspired by the energy and desire to innovate, and frustrated by the inability to turn that motivation into concrete action plans. So he set out to challenge lottery and gaming companies to create disruptive strategies of innovation with a creativity framework which allows teams to generate and evaluate ideas along a spectrum of creativity: “Half Nelson”, “Full Nelson”, and “Lord Nelson.”


Stop reading right now and go download your very own “Nelson Touch Worksheet” right here, right now – and share it with your teams, co-workers, mangers and friends:


Quantity Over Quality: Yes, More Please!


Research shows that when a team is engaged in creative work, it’s better to focus on getting more ideas than getting better ideas, at least at first. Creativity demands abundance, which is why the goal is to increase the possible choices.


Innovation teams should begin by developing 30 solutions to every challenge: 10 ideas in each “Nelson Touch” category. This process forces you to break through conventional wisdom, to go far beyond small, incremental changes by connecting with exaggerated thoughts and ‘stretch goals’. By forcing yourself to the edges, you’ll uncover fresh, new ideas.


The 3rd category is based on Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson, a British officer in the Royal Navy, known for his leadership style and innovative ideas for winning sea battles. This is where the most disruptive, inspired, and unexpected ideas live.


Once you acknowledge and audit the status quo, you can then ignite a steady stream of disruptive strategies and unexpected solutions to stay ahead of the game – and discover your “Lord Nelson” Ideas.

Now That We Have The Big Data, Now What? 


From a technology perspective, we are seeing lotteries getting access to an enormous amount of data. But are we ready for it? Do we know how to use it? And are we able to translate data into the way we execute marketing?


There is no use getting the right technology to capture and apply big data unless you have the right skills and mindset within your organization. The conversation has shifted and the pendulum has swung. With the advent of data analytics, more people are now beginning to ask different questions: are lotteries skilled-up in the right ways so we can actually use big data? How do we turn big data into relevant business intelligence to enhance marketing decisions?


We need to adapt to a data-driven landscape by cultivating a relationship between data and creativity – using a collaborative creative culture. It will never be just about machines. There is always a person driving the bus and human intervention makes it come to life. Big Data is only as good as the people who use and apply it. In turn, Big Data fuels creativity and defends the Big Idea – a win win all around.


It’s critical that lottery and gaming teams use data to boost and improve their innovation processes – rather than stifle them up-front with the imperative that ideation be “evidence-based”.  To avoid a culture clash, you need a strong methodology to make the two, ideation and data-analytics, work together.


Big Jackpots And Jackpot Fatigue


We live in a supersize-me society. It’s a cultural “more is better” world we live in. What was wow yesterday is no longer wow. To get jackpot chasers excited, you need to outdo the last jackpot.  Successful lotteries have an active jackpot management strategy and take a very long road to slowly increase them over time.  The smaller the incremental increase in jackpot size, the more record-breaking jackpots you can have.


Lotteries are also developing fresh new campaigns to energize their jackpot games.  The key concept is ‘sustainability’: building a thoughtful approach towards game portfolio and jackpot management that has enduring appeal to the consumer and becomes the basis for a long-term growth model.


Big Communities And Building Relevance


With our changing and aging demographic, we need to be more curious about our customers.  Let’s go back to the beginning. Have people forgotten why lottery exists? Especially the new generation of young adults? Promoting a shared goal of helping society is what lotteries intended since the beginning of time. And fortunately for the mission of Lottery, 9 out of 10 Millennials would switch brands to one associated with a good cause, and two-thirds use social media to engage around CSR (2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study).


The Next Pioneer


This industry has grown because we had pioneers throughout decades of success.  We’ve had leaders who pushed the envelope and created today’s “new.” When you think about what they have in common, it’s the impetus for change.


What will inspire that next pioneer to drive for the next generation of sales growth and profit growth for good causes? These are our current dynamics that are inevitable and we can’t avoid.


So who is going to lead the change in bringing the “new” forward?



Do you and your team want to execute creatively at a higher level repeatedly? Ignite more innovation, more creative breakthroughs and get unstuck faster? Ramp up and keep you and your team’s energy fired up so you never lose your mojo?


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