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The Top Three Creativity Killers In Business: #2 KILLER – The Wrong Focus

May 25, 2015 3:35 pm
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We all know that creativity is important in any business, and this has never been more true than it is today as we move into a truly Digital Age.


The question is: How can you unlock that creativity and unleash a Creative Storm (that unstoppable force of high level business creativity and innovation) that benefits your business? What are the “storm barriers” that block and crush creativity and make it hard for you and your staff to come at problems with high level original and innovative ideas?


Before you can come to grips with unlocking high level creativity and innovation in your organization, you have to understand the obstacles that hinder or stifle it. Let’s take a look at the second of three common barriers that kill creativity, to help you identify what to focus on.


KILLER #2: The Wrong Focus


Another major obstacle to breaking down the biggest barriers to creativity comes from the company’s general focus. Even if you have a fairly open organization which isn’t too rigid, if you’re not looking for ideas, encouraging original thought, and rewarding them, you won’t hear many ideas arising.


An organization which tries to carry on like it always has will cause employees to just keep doing what they’ve always been doing. There are too many doors to get through before an idea is on the table, and many of those doors will be slammed in people’s faces. This, in turn, gives you a company filled with clock punchers who are just there to earn their living. They’ll follow the job specs, they take orders rather than suggesting solutions, and there’s no talk of exciting company news or challenges. The talented young go-getters end up at a rival’s company and you fall behind.


One of the way to break down this barrier is to make creativity a company mandate, and employ creative destruction: begin to achieve new success by killing old processes and structures – no matter how effective previously.


 Check out my next Blog post to discover CREATIVITY KILLER #3.


To improve your (and your team’s) ability to drive breakthrough creativity and innovation, summon the power of The Creative Storm. It may seem scary, but it can transform your progress and results – and break down the biggest barriers to creativity in your business.

To bring the power of The Creative Storm (along with maximum leadership performance and skyrocketing creativity and innovation) to your team, department, and organization, contact Nelson now!


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