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The Top Three Creativity Killers In Business: #1 KILLER – A Rigid Hierarchy

May 5, 2015 3:30 pm
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We all know that creativity is important in any business, and this has never been more true than it is today as we move into a truly Digital Age.


The question is: How can you unlock that creativity and unleash a Creative Storm (that unstoppable force of high level business creativity and innovation) that benefits your business? What are the “storm barriers” that block and crush creativity and make it hard for you and your staff to come at problems with high level original and innovative ideas?


Before you can come to grips with unlocking high level creativity and innovation in your organization, you have to understand the obstacles that hinder or stifle it. Let’s take a look one of three common barriers that kill creativity, to help you identify what to focus on.


#1 KILLER: A Rigid Hierarchy


One of the biggest storm barriers that is very often seen is the presence of a rigid hierarchy and command structure in an organization. The bosses seem to stay up out of the fray, and the more power they have over the organization, the less they seem to engage. Whatever new ideas do appear are handed down from on high, without rationale or sharing between regular employees – or even a willingness to look at ideas from outside the company (co-creating content and products with customers). Even worse, employees don’t have any process, flexibility, permission or encouragement to challenge or question bosses decisions and wants.


This type of behaviour has a lot of negative outcomes that go beyond creativity (employee morale and productivity, faith and trust in management, etc.), but it is creativity – which is so important to your business – that is one of the most seriously damaged by this sort of hierarchy. If lower ranking employees don’t have the ability to put forward their own ideas, not only could you be missing out on all kinds of insightful possibilities, but they’ll be unenthusiastic about implementing them.


After all, creativity and that next big landmark innovation, can come from anywhere, and anyone.


Check out my next Blog to discover CREATIVITY KILLER #2.


To improve your (and your team’s) ability to drive breakthrough creativity and innovation, summon the power of The Creative Storm. It may seem scary, but it can transform your progress and results – and break down the biggest barriers to creativity in your business.

To bring the power of The Creative Storm (along with maximum leadership performance and skyrocketing creativity and innovation) to your team, department, and organization, contact Nelson now!


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