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How To Spark Individual Creativity: Secret #4 – Build The Process/Toolkit That Works For You

April 25, 2015 3:21 pm
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Creativity is a vast source of energy that flows within all of us. Every individual has the power to tap into it and use it to enhance their own lives and inspire others. Whether you want to use creative energy to tell stories, write music, produce videos or craft hundreds of other imaginative projects, all you need to do is free your mind and develop skills that can be refined over time. The following tip will help you reach a higher level of creativity.


Secret #4: Build The Process/Toolkit That Works For You


As an individual you have your own unique way of seeing the world, which affects how you process information and envision new ideas. Don’t worry about conventional methods unless the situation calls for standardization. In most cases, the creative inspiration (or muse) someone needs is all dependant on the project, time of day, environment – and a whole lot more factors. Most people need a variety of methods to jump-start creativity and spark ideas.

Creativity is not a one dimensional process, as it can involve multiple layers, shapes, sounds and colors. Individual creativity comes from a wide mix of both memories and dreams. Some people are most creative when they wake up in the morning while others tap into creativity in the shower, watching movies and from going on long walks. Find out the best processes, models, techniques and frameworks that work best for you to spark your own individual creativity. Just make sure you have a lot of options at hand – and are always enhancing your arsenal of creative techniques.


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