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How To Spark Individual Creativity: Secret #2 – Commit To Insights & Data As Catalysts And Anchors

March 25, 2015 3:13 pm
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Creativity is a vast source of energy that flows within all of us. Every individual has the power to tap into it and use it to enhance their own lives and inspire others. Whether you want to use creative energy to tell stories, write music, produce videos or craft hundreds of other imaginative projects, all you need to do is free your mind and develop skills that can be refined over time. The following tip will help you reach a higher level of creativity.


Secret #2: Commit To Insights & Data As Catalysts And Anchors


Once you have a page (or pages) full of ideas, you can then start to circle words that capture your attention that also fit together like a puzzle. Ask yourself what is the common thread that connects these words? And begin to develop new ideas from old. How can these basic ideas be combined to inspire an entirely new idea? Choose a theme that resonates with you personally so that you can build from a core of insights in which you are already familiar. Use your own knowledge, experience, target insights and the brief (in a work setting) as an anchor from which more ideas can blossom. Stay close to your own passion and personality for the project unless you want to venture into something experimental.


After all, data is the soil where ideas grow.


Do you want to execute creatively at a higher level repeatedly? Ignite more creative breakthroughs and get unstuck faster? Ramp up and keep you and your team’s energy fired up so you never lose your mojo?

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