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How To Spark Individual Creativity: Secret #1 – Learn To Become A Fast Idea Generator

March 5, 2015 3:09 pm
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Creativity is a vast source of energy that flows within all of us. Every individual has the power to tap into it and use it to enhance their own lives and inspire others. Whether you want to use creative energy to tell stories, write music, produce videos or craft hundreds of other imaginative projects, all you need to do is free your mind and develop skills that can be refined over time. The following tip will help you reach a higher level of creativity.


Secret #1: Be A Fast Idea Generator


Think of creativity as an adventurous exploration that moves from general to specific. Instead of trying to build a new universe from one kernel immediately, tap into the existing universe and write down as many kernels as you can imagine from your category as quickly as possible, then narrow down the kernels to the ones you really want to explore and develop. I’m a big believer in quantity over quality when it comes to idea generating – until I am in crafting mode, or in Designer or Detailer phase (from The 3-D Cycle of Creativity, Walt Disney).


From there, you will be able to see multiple ideas that easily connect with each other. The idea is to storm with others, or on your own, in a rapid fire, ricochet way, so that you have many ideas to draw from. It’s a more powerful and quicker way to get creativity flowing.


Suppose you are low on money and you want to give someone a handcrafted gift that you create at no cost instead of draining your bank account. Quickly write down all the resources you have available to you, along with what you can potentially do with them. Once you fill up the sheet of paper with ideas, use the sheet as your roadmap to explore and expand ideas. An important point to the idea generator stage is that you refrain from editing at first and just write down as many things as possible. Wait before evaluating ideas and stay completely in the Immersion or Dreaming Phase.


Do you want to execute creatively at a higher level repeatedly? Ignite more creative breakthroughs and get unstuck faster? Ramp up and keep you and your team’s energy fired up so you never lose your mojo?


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