Strategies Proven to Lead Innovation

Clients seek out Nelson's expertise when they are looking for one or more of the following:

    • Skyrocketing, superior levels of innovation and performance
    • Greater inspirational and collaborative leadership skills
    • Winning teams who execute at a high level repeatedly
    • Employees who are fast idea generators and easy collaborators
    • A more dynamic and unstoppable creative culture
    • Bigger growth and profitability by blowing away barriers to creativity in business

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Organizations have called on Nelson for over 20 years to help solve their toughest challenges.

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Looking for a creativity and innovation spark for your next event, conference or meeting?

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"One Magical Ingredient To Unleash Business Creativity"

Global Speakers Summit Vancouver, Canada

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The World’s ONLY Triple Threat Creative Leadership Expert: Leading teams towards innovation.

You know experience IS everything. Unlike other innovation and creativity speakers, Nelson’s strategies to lead innovation are based on his extensive, world-class, market-proven, top-tier, senior strategic creative leadership track record – creating breakthroughs and cultures of innovation.

Creative Director


Nelson’s led the creation of world-class, breakthrough ideas that’s helped build famous Fortune 500 brands, winning medals for his innovative and successful work at top creative festivals around the world. So you’re guaranteed hardcore techniques, real-world tools and massive takeaway value.

TV, Film & Video Director


Nelson’s directed celebrities, grammy award-winning music icons and international artists around the world, producing innovative content people talk about and love. So you’re guaranteed rich storytelling and a unique global perspective.

Leading Man


Nelson’s performed some of the entertainment industry’s most sought-after leading man roles, garnering standing ovations and awards for his innovative portrayals. So you’re guaranteed an entertaining, energizing and highly engaging experience.

Speaking Programs

Nelson is known for talks delivered with high-energy delivery, expertise and eloquence, and expertly tailoring his speaking engagements to meet the individual needs of his clients.

This unique approach ensures that audiences will be engaged and more open to learning techniques and strategies that will translate into greater and more meaningful outcomes.

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Creative Leadership Coaching

Be accountable for results by Nelson as your personal advisor.

For senior executives, high potentials, managers and team leaders in companies powered by creativity, Nelson provides strategic and tactical feedback on how to address your greatest business challenges and nurture the important links between leadership, creativity, and innovation.

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Nelson Cabral delivers a range of training services for creative leaders to ramp up their own creativity and tap into more creative excellence in their teams and organization.

Nelson’s training provides a framework for deploying creativity to drive productivity and efficiency and drive growth and innovation. Each is based on Nelson’s proven creative leadership and creativity strategies with specific design and delivery to meet your needs.

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Nelson's Client's Agree

“Nelson’s Opening Keynote on 'managing innovation' at our North American Conference was highly engaging and filled with modern leadership ideas and innovation tools. Great pace, masterful delivery. Loved the "Lord Nelson" approach to be innovative - I'll use it in my business!” - Michael G. Smith, PMP, PMI Region 3 Summit Project Manager

“If you need help managing high-performing teams and jumpstarting creative energy in your organization, we 
recommend Nelson. His Two-Day Training Program pushed our leaders to capture employee commitment and elevate performance and productivity." - Andrew Peters, Mercedes-Benz Canada

"It was truly delightful to see Nelson in action and Keynote our Global Marketing Summit in London, UK. One rarely sees such dedication in tailor-making a presentation for a specific audience. His performance was outstanding, both in content and delivery. Bravo!" - André Noël Chaker, World Lottery Association/European Lotteries Curator, Finland

“I admit the honor of hosting Mr. Cabral at our offices in Warsaw for his full-day Workshop, where he enraptured the creative staff with his winning formula for unlocking the hidden creative treasures within.” - John Van Kannel, CEO/Managing Director, The Lowe Group

“Nelson’s annual multi-day Executive Retreats are challenging, motivating and inspiring. Our Executive Team always returns from them enlightened and reinvigorated to accelerate innovation and drive business growth." - Jim Rockwell, EVP, Director of Marketing, Latin Percussion


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